Red Bus app for android

Untitled-1-01Simple, easy, intuitive user interface. For a new user understanding this app is a cakewalk. The app is easy to understand with a touch of material design and beautiful transitions as well.

Search screen:

  • The application has a bold and beautiful red color splash screen with red bus logo. This directs you to the search screen which is as minimal as 3 inputs to enter and a search button. The first two inputs are to decide your from and to city with selecting the dates option.
  • Auto suggest cities is quiet handy and convenient with a list of top cities searched.
  • Select your journey date they are much aware of the fact that the bus journey is planned a day or two in advance so on the calendar they have given the user option to select today and tomorrow along with the entire month wise calendar selecting a date will directly take the user to search result/listing screen. Which is a good interaction
  • Search screen has one primary call to action search button and the secondary recent searches option.

Listing screen:

  • Hitting search will lead the user to the listing screen with neatly layed out list of buses. First preference here on the list is given to the arrival and departure timings followed by the bus name and type of bus-AC/ non AC/ Sleeper and star rating which is awarded to the buses depending upon the services they offer. On the right they have the price per person marked with the travel duration and number of seats left.
  • Another interesting feature on this screen is how they prompt the user to use filters. There are two ways how a user can access filters here:
  • One is the filter icon on the right top.
  • Other way is when the user starts to scroll the list on the second scroll the filter option slides in from the bottom. A fine way to user to try filters. You have filters option on the right hand side. But this is an interesting way as no one would miss out the filters like this.
  • Filter allows user to further filter the options like bus service you want to travel, buses with specific starting or boarding points, type of the bus and so on.
  • Three tabs on top to sort the list – Ratings, departure, bus fare.

Select seat & boarding point screen:

  • Selecting your favourite bus and go to another screen where the user is allowed to select a seat of their choice
  • This screen starts with a summary of the bus name, type, Arrival and departure time followed by the seat map. Seat map is followed by the boarding point. Section, Continued by total fare and a big red continue booking button. Tapping on seat arrangement a new screen slides in with the zoomed in seat map. Just tap on the seat you want to book; it’s that simple.
  • After seat selection you will be further navigated to boarding point section and you can opt for your boarding point.

Checkout screen

  • After this continue booking. Fill in your contact details and passenger information and again continue booking and select your debit card info along with the booking summary choose your payment option. You have your payment option on top followed by your booking summary. You can also opt for mobile wallet like mobikwik and payu money.

Find bus and route information screen

  • RedBus also has Live tracking of buses based on real time GPS updates. 30 minutes before the journey, User will receive an SMS with a link where they can track the bus live on a Google Map. RedBus will also send the registration number of the bus so that it is easy to locate the bus among dozens of other buses.

First time user experience:


  1. Very simple design and easy navigation. The new design is truly based on material design with a minimalistic approach to everything.The app is self explanatory for a first time user. Not much of learning involved which they would like to pass on to the user. A user is generally familiar with booking buses on their online portal. No click-through, intro tour or any other info is required for the first time users learning.
  2. The design is so minimalistic that other than the most important things there is nothing else on the screen with clear and bold call to action. This clearly sets the user expectations and provides relevant next step cues. The app is made in such a way that there is nothing to uncover or to be discovered by the user through exploration. Things are put straight and served on a platter for the user to consume. The attention of the user is grabbed with only what is important.
  3. Live tracking. Customer can also track bus live on a map when the bus is on move based on real-time GPS updates from bus. 30 minutes before the journey, will send you SMS with a link where you can track your bus live on a Google Map. Plus, redBus will also send the registration number of the bus so you can locate your bus among dozens of buses.
  4. User can also cancel the ticket through the app.
  5. Effortless User friendly navigation. Reduced the extra steps to make the navigation as smooth and clutter free as possible.
  6. Filter pops ups in the bottom after the first scroll is a very good way to remind the first time user to try using filter for a more specified search.


  1. On the seat selection screen the select seats and boarding point option don’t appear to be clickable, better work can be done in that concern
  2. No option to provided on the home screen to enter the number of travelers
  3. Nothing new to offer it’s basically in the same old booking paradigm with a new google material design inspired outlook.
  4. Once a person is inside the zoomed in view of select seats and he has selected his seats the person is navigated to the open boarding point screen which I feel is a little confusing for the user. Some cues or guidance is necessary for the customer on these two steps.


A neat and clean must try app. With the red bus new material design app you can do everything in fact better than what you did using the desktop application of the same. The app has attempted to encapsulate the web version, while maintaining a fine balance between design and usability. It isn’t crowded and quite pleasing to the eye. To provide so much information on a little screen and do it neatly, is quite a challenge. Although it isn’t loaded with features, it is sufficient for booking tickets with ease

I prefer having this app just a tap away, than accessing the web version. Booking a bus has never been so easy.